Positive and negative jealousy in the association between problem drinking and IPV perpetration.

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Lindsey M. Rodriguez

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In the context of established associations between alcohol problems and intimate partner violence (IPV), the current study investigated whether jealousy has positive and negative dimensions, and whether they differentially moderate the association between problem drinking and IPV perpetration in heavy-drinking college students (N=448). Factor analyses suggested positive and negative dimensions of jealousy. Whereas negative jealousy was conceptualized by the traditional definition of jealousy, positive jealousy reflected relationship commitment and emotional distress upon considering one’s partner becoming romantically involved with another person. Results supported hypotheses such that positive and negative jealousy dimensions moderated the drinking problems-IPV link in opposite directions: Drinking problems were associated with increased perpetration among individuals higher in negative and lower in positive jealousy. Results provide support for the notion that jealousy is not universally negative and highlight the importance of different types of jealousy in understanding the association between alcohol problems and IPV perpetration.


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