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Higher Education and Disability: A Systematic Review of Assessment Instruments Designed for Students, Faculty, and Staff.

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Lyman Dukes

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January 2016

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July 2016




In this study, the literature in disability and higher education was examined, with a specific focus on assessment instruments. Published articles (n _ 203) on development of new or refinement of existing instruments were reviewed for traits measured and psychometric rigor reported. Findings showed instruments are intended for professionals and students, and of the student instruments, broad categories are academic, nonacademic, and specific to a disability diagnosis. Not all instruments are limited to students with disabilities; many of the reviewed instruments can be utilized in higher-education settings on all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of disability. The implications of the findings undergird the urgency to prioritize disability as a facet of diversity within higher-education scholarship, and furthermore aid this prioritization by providing a catalogue of robust instruments to researchers and practitioners.


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