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Addressing issues and problems to increase users' motivation and completion rate of student webquests with InstantWebQuest.


Zafer Unal

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Zafer Unal

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While creating HTML pages for a WebQuest is not complex, finding a server to host the files, getting files uploaded to a server and setting access permission are considerably more difficult. Add to those difficulties the complexities of giving a consistent look and feel, usable navigation, and interactive features; the job seems costly, time consuming and intractable for all but the most leech-savvy teachers. This paper discusses the process of how an educator created and improved an online high-end web development tool that helps thousands of educators publishing their WebQuests online without requiring HTML, or FTP knowledge. The author also discusses how updated features on the system helped separation of the high quality WebQuests from low-quality ones possibly created by unmotivated teaching students as assignments. Author also provides insights on how to increase the motivation of the users of online tools in order to increase product quality and increase project completion rate.


This paper was presented at Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, March 03, 2008, pp. 3188–3194.


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

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