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An Online Tool for Case Studies for Multicultural Teacher Education: Teacherserver.com.

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Zafer Unal

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This article describes exploratory findings on the use of an online tool for integrating case studies in multicultural education course. The authors created the online application and the case studies. Graduate and undergraduate students in a multicultural education course used the web-based tool and provided feedback on the functionality of the site, relevance and quality of the cases, and the components of the case study assignments. Findings indicated that a great majority of the users were positive about all aspects of the website, the case studies, and the case study assignment. The presentation will provide further information about the study, show a demo of how the application works, show member posts and share the tool with participants for their use.


This paper was presented at Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, March 25, 2013.


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

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