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A new online tool for teaching classroom management with case studies.

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Zafer Unal

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This study reports how a face-to-face case based classroom management instruction is transferred to web-based environment using an online tool and how this tool is used to help prospective teachers (a) vicariously experience real-life dilemmas that practicing teachers face when managing their classrooms; (b) realize how teaching requires a thoughtful understanding of contexts; (c) develop the rationale for their decision making by considering multiple stakeholders and different perspectives; and (d) explore diverse ways of problem solving by actively applying ideas and theories learned in their teacher education courses to dilemma situations. The ultimate goal of this research project was to help preservice teachers expand their views of teaching in general and classroom management in particular via online tool. The presentation will provide information about the study, show a demo of how the application works, show member posts and share the tool with participants for their use.


This paper was presented at Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, March 25, 2013.


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

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