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Uncovering the Antecedents for Measuring the Nursing's Contribution to Quality of Care Provided to Patients : Role of Health Information Technology on the Care Coordination

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Christopher J. Davis

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This project intends to identify and develop context-specific measurements that would capture nursing's contribution to the quality of care provided to the patient during their visit to the hospital. In this time period nurses play a critical role in many facets of establishing of care quality. There are significant numbers of outcome measures capturing the quality of care provided for the patient. However, there is a deficiency in the area for assessing the factors that would have an important effect on the nurses who are the primary contact with the patient. Literature provides us with evidence that there is a relationship between certain factors in the practice environment and employee behavior, but fails to put those relationships in the context that would be clinically and empirically robust measures that would reasonably asses the relationship with nursing quality and its relationship with organizational factors, health information technology, and quality outcomes.


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Americas Conference on Information Systems

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