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Exploring careers in financial services on the Internet: A professor's guide.

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Todd M. Shank

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January 2002

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February 2012


This paper provides a comprehensive guide for a professor to conduct a one-class discussion and demonstration of career planning for Finance students on the Internet. The session is divided into three parts covering the list of career choices in finance, professional licenses and professional designations available in the field, and how to pursue specific job openings with financial service firms. Use of the Internet allows professors to provide a wealth of career information in a relatively short class period. The Appendix contains a list of web sites pertaining to each of the three facets of the demonstration, minimizing necessary preparation time.


Abstract only. At this time, full-text article is available only through licensed access provided by the publisher. Published in Journal of Financial Education, 28, 13-23.




California State University School of Business

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