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The Florida Distance Learning Task Force was created through HB 7105 by the 2008 Legislature. The nine-member Task Force was appointed by the Chancellors of the State University System and the Florida College System with specific legislative assignments (Appendix A). These assignments reflected several policy goals which provided a foundation for the work of the Task Force. These goals included: 1) facilitating maximum affordable access for students to complete degrees and transfer credits; 2) achieving increased cost‐effectiveness in the development and delivery of undergraduate distance learning courses and degree programs; 3) improving instructional and faculty effectiveness; 4) advancing technology innovations; and 5) providing accountability for funding and tasks assigned to the Florida Distance Learning Consortium. The Task Force recommendations reflect the essential components of a student‐centered, costeffective, statewide strategy for the development and delivery of distance learning courses and degrees through the state's colleges and universities.


Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements contained in Section 1 of CS/HB 7105. February 26, 2009.

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